Founded in 1991, we are a family-run company that has over 27 years of experience in managing residential and commercial condominium buildings and revenue properties.

We are committed to delivering superior management by providing each project with a high level of personal attention to each owner from our management staff.

Too often, management companies stretch their staff thin, leaving many properties neglected and under constant “crisis management.”

We keep our portfolio to a manageable size so we are your right choice when selecting a competent and capable Calgary Property Management service.

Our mission is to enhance the value and return of your investment property in Calgary or your Calgary condo by providing a very high level of personal service, planning, commitment and attention to detail.

The following information describes the services that are part of our management package that is offered to our clients

Accounting Services

  1. All financial transactions are recorded and explained in detail in the month end report.
  2. All funds collected by us on your behalf are deposited in a trust account, separate from our company’s general account.
  3. All Envision Property Management personnel responsible for your funds are bonded and insurance against errors and omissions.
  4. Dual signing authority is required on all checks on behalf of the owners.

Monthly Statements

  1. You are provided with a concise, accurate and understandable month end report customisable on request.
  2. Statements and cheques for positive cash flow are issued monthly or upon request and can be deposited directly to your personal bank account.
  3. A personalised monthly statement showing either a summary of the month’s income & expenses or every invoice included in the statement so that owners or board members have all the information that they require.

Building Maintenance

  1. We hire qualified, reasonably priced personnel who have experience with us in doing the best possible work for the lowest price.
  2. Control and supervision of maintenance work.
  3. Because we are experienced with work needed, we know what repairs should cost and how long they should take to complete and require that of contractors approved to work on your property.
  4. Staff on duty 24 hours a day to respond to any emergency concerning your property.
  5. We provide a dedicated emergency number, answered by our staff or managers for calls during non-business hours.

Property Inspections

  1. Preventative maintenance inspections of your property are completed twice each year or more often if the owner requires.
  2. In revenue properties, residents are notified immediately in writing of repairs required if found to be a tenant responsibility.
  3. If the tenant does not make the requested repairs, the problem will be immediately corrected at the tenant’s expense.

Preventative Maintenance Services

  1. Competent preventative maintenance is the key to protecting your investment.
  2. All repair and maintenance services are performed by independent contractors who have proven to be reliable and who offer competitive prices.
  3. Repair or maintenance work is fully documented and backed up with receipts.
  4. Routine repair and maintenance is performed as required. If any major repairs are required, written estimates are obtained and submitted to you for your approval.