Accounting Services

  • All financial transactions are recorded and explained in detail in the monthly report.
  • We are licensed by RECA to create and manage trust accounts. All funds collected by us on your behalf are deposited in a trust account, separate from our company’s general account.
  • All Envision Property Management personnel responsible for your funds are bonded and insured for errors and omissions.


Monthly Statements

  • You are provided with a concise, accurate and understandable monthly report; this report can be tailored to the corporation and how it wishes to view their statements.
  • Statements and cheques for positive cash flow are issued monthly or upon request deposited directly to your personal bank account.


Rent Collection

  • All rent is due on the first of each month. A short grace period of 24 hours is allowed before issuing an eviction notice.


Management Fees

  • Our monthly management fee is payable when rent is charged and automatically deducted from your account at that time.