Your Condominium Specialists !!

While our services are available for all types of properties including multi-unit residential, commercial and industrial properties, our real strength lies in condominium management.

With respect to conversions of multi-family properties to condominium, we can coordinate the many aspects of conversion such as certification and registration as well as compile the documents required for the unit purchasers at the time of the sale.

Our Commitment to You!

  • Our highest aspiration is to provide our clients with a trustful and committed working relationship. Satisfaction of the investing party(s) is our priority and the greatest concern. We look forward to have the opportunity to prove to you that our services are efficient in stabilizing your investments and minimizing any problems.
  • Our company’s motto is “to maintain a pleasant and kind atmosphere with our clients.”
  • It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to introduce our services to you. We wish to thank you in advance for your consideration in taking an interest in reading the information on our website.

The following information describes the benefits of a full service, professional property management company.

Professional Property Presentation Professional signs are displayed on your property with our company logo if you so wish….

Accounting Services All financial transactions are recorded and explained in detail…

Maintenance We hire qualified, reasonably priced personnel who we know will get the job done…

Policies & Procedures The following policies and procedures have been implemented to protect your property investment..