Our 30 years of experience in the condominium management business brings to your condominium corporation a wealth of experience in not only the management of your condo building but also in the following areas:

  • Building maintenance
  • Your corporation bylaws and the Act
  • Specific condo guidelines allowable by the Act
  • Move policies, pet and renovation guidelines, deposits, etc.
  • Bylaw amendments and special resolutions
  • Resident complaints, fines and notices
  • Reserve Fund Studies and the management of capital repairs/replacement
  • Annual audits or reviewed statements
  • Annual budget review and drafts
  • Chairing of AGMs for the board


Our experience in the revenue property management business brings to your property a wealth of experience in not only the management of your investment but also in the following areas:

  • Home maintenance
  • Monthly financial reports
  • Maximizing revenue
  • Leases and move reports
  • Tenant selection
  • Rent collections
  • Problem tenant evictions and dealing with issues with tenants


Residential Condominium Management varies greatly with the specific requirements of the corporation. A typical size condo building of 36 units should expect to pay between $20 – $30 per door, per month, again depending on the needs of the corporation. Administration costs and other costs incurred on the corporation’s behalf are usually billed as extra.

Revenue Property Management costs are generally stable with the regular management fee of 10% of the monthly rent each month or $100 (whichever is greater). If we are required to secure a new tenant for your property, we charge ½ of the first month’s rent.

Commercial Condominium Management varies a lot more and you can receive a personalized quote if you provide us with details of your management needs.