Rental Evaluations

  • The proposed rental rate is based on property size, property type, supply and demand as well as location. All proposed rental increase information is provided to you for your approval.
  • Our “Property Feature Sheets” enable us to maintain a comprehensive list of all features that make your property desirable and special.
  • To find a desirable tenant as quickly as possible we use all available means to advertise including newspaper classifieds and professional associations.
  • Multiple property advertising allows higher visibility for all properties. We receive calls from prospective tenants who know we are prominent in the rental business.



  • Vacancies are expensive and we make every effort to keep your property rented at all times.
  • Our computer system enables us to monitor lease expiration dates carefully and react accordingly.
  • If a tenant chooses to vacate, the property must pass a thorough move-out inspection before the security deposit is refunded.