Your Condominium Specialists

Property Presentation

  • Professional Management signs are displayed on your property with our company logo if the corporation so wishes.

Property Inspections

  • Routine property inspections.
  • Preventative maintenance inspections of your property are completed every three (3) months.
  • Owners are notified immediately in writing of repairs required if found to be a resident or owner responsibility.
  • If the owner does not make the requested repairs, the problem will be immediately corrected at the owner’s expense.

Our Commitment to You!

Our highest aspiration is to provide our clients with a trustful and committed working relationship. Satisfaction of the Board and the owners of the corporation is our top priority and our greatest concern. We look forward to have the opportunity to prove to you that our services are efficient in stabilizing your investments and minimizing any problems.

It is a pleasure to have the opportunity to introduce our services to you. We wish to thank you in advance for your interest in our services. Thanks for taking the time to read this information about us!